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Introducing a new way to get your strategy up & running  

To keep pace with today’s business challenges, whether to ignite innovation or increase speed to market, you can’t just have a strategy. You need a way to implement it too. Rhythmix combines our range of organizational expertise and solutions to get your strategy moving — quickly, accurately, and with your whole company working in sync.

On Target

Have a strategy? Developing one on your own? Rhythmix is the right approach, for right where you are.

On Time

Get to root problems fast and build integrated solutions, so your strategy starts creating results sooner.

In Sync

Success is all about alignment. Rhythmix gets your business strategy and organizational design working to the same beat.

Our Expertise

Expertise Up & Down Your Organization  

Siloed solutions can’t fully address deep organizational problems — you need a holistic approach to see real change. From leadership development, to talent acquisition, to organizational design, we help you architect integrated solutions that work together and upgrade your entire company.

Organizational Development
Learning & Development
Performance Boosting

Who We Are

Implementation experts for over 75 years  

Haufe was founded on the belief that “people run companies.” For 75 years, we’ve helped create and implement solutions for more than 600,000 clients in 28 industries, whether to attract talent, grow rapidly or empower people to perform at their best.

Success Stories

Companies who made the Rhythmix experience
DB Bahn
What People Are Saying  

Haufe’s intuitive methods are so addictive that I constantly find myself adapting them to new aspects of my job.

— Ingrid Heim, Zumtobel Group

What People Are Saying  

I never would have expected that Haufe’s methods would bring us so many new insights and solutions so quickly!

— Ralf Berns, Deutsche Bahn AG

What People Are Saying  

The refreshing and uniquely simple representation of normally complex processes was more than just inspiring for the entire project team. It set the tone in my workshops right from the start.

— Janine Bader, Zumtobel Group

What People Are Saying  

An exciting and interactive method that lets everyone express their opinions. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

— Edda Rettinger, Swisscom AG

What People Are Saying  

Haufe's quadrant check continues to inspire us. We have now shifted the focus of our organizational structure to success.

— Gabriele Mair, Zumtobel Group

What People Are Saying  

Metro-Map has been a hit for us right from start. Finally, a simple way to communicate our process to everyone.

— Ingrid Heim, Zumtobel Group

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